Venue to Debrecen

By air
Debrecen has an international airport, however only a few cheap-flight companies are flying to Debrecen.

By air through Budapest Airport
The Budapest Airport (called also Liszt Ferenc Airport) is the main hub of Hungary to the World, and there operate many international flight companies.
From Budapest Airport to Debrecen

    • The organizers will organize a minibus shuttle from Budapest Airport to Debrecen and back. Depending on the arrival times of the planes there may be a waiting time of maximum one hour. The price of a return trip using this service is 52 EUR, and a one-way trip is 26 EUR. This service may be ordered as a part of the registration process. If you do not know the exact details of your flight it will be possible to write it later to the organizers. On 5th of July (Sunday) some of the organizers will wait for the participants at the Budapest Airport and help the arriving participants to find the minibus.
    • One may choose public transportation from Budapest Airport to Debrecen. You have to take bus 200E at Budapest Airport, get off at Ferihegy vasútállomás (Ferihegy railway station) stop. There you should take a train to Debrecen. Ferihegy railway station is a fairly small station, but all trains going from Budapest Nyugati station to Debrecen do stop also at Ferihegy railway station. We suggest you to take an InterCity train, since those are faster and more comfortable.  Bus tickets are sold from wending machines, but for a slightly larger price you can buy it at the driver. The train ticket has to be pre-purchased at the station.

By train

Debrecen lies on the No. 100 line of Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony direction. This provides a systematic and effective national and international railway transportation.The MÁV (Magyar Államvasutak, Hungarian State Railway Company) supports the major lines with InterCity trains (fewer stops, shorter duration of travel, higher speed, and greater comfort), but fast and regular trains reach all parts of the region. From Budapest to Debrecen and back at least 1 Inter City train per hour is available in each hour in the 6 h - 20 h period every day. You can find the time tables of the Hungarian State railway company here. If coming by plane to Liszt Ferenc Airport, you have to take 200E bus to the train stop Budapest Airport.

By car
Debrecen is easily accessable from Budapest the roadway M3 by car.