29th Journées Arithmétiques

The 29th Journées Arithmétiques will take place at the Main Campus of the University of Debrecen during the period

July 6-10, 2015.

The meeting will start Monday morning and will last until Friday lunch. We look forward to host and organize this prestigious meeting in Debrecen, and we hope that the participants will have a great time in this charming city.

The “Journées Arithmétiques” is the most important European conference series in Number Theory. Although it originates in France already for many decades it is a real international conference, which is organized in a bi-annual basis. The French origin of this prestigious series of conference is emphasized by its name, and the fact that every second meeting is organized in France, and the intermediary conferences in other European countries. For the history of Journées Arithmetiques see the article of Jacques Martinet: Histoire des Journées Arithmétiques.

Kálmán Győry 75 Symposium

Immediately after the 29th Journées Arithmétiques, as a satellite conference, we will organize a symposium in honour of the 75th birthday of Professor Kálmán Győry in the frame of the Debrecen University Symposium series:

Kálmán Győry 75 – July 10-11, 2015.

This meeting will start Friday afternoon, and will last until Saturday evening.

Kálmán Győry, the world-renowned researcher of the theory of Diophantine equations was born in 1940. His results are published in more than 160 research papers and in one book. Since 1993 he is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. At the University of Debrecen, the research group called the “Number Theory School of Debrecen” consists of Győry’s students, and their students. This conference is organized in honour of the 75th birthday of Kálmán Győry by his research group.